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christian is in union square with the celebration there. >> hello. i am here. and you are being entertained by her revel highness, but we don't want you to be a rebel. join us in our abc 7 share your holiday drive drive. -- food drive. you can come down here where we are and make a donation. easiest way is text your donation to 80077 there are seven ways to give on our web site which is abc but first, let me bring in her blaine johnson. hi, blaine. >> hi. >> with san francisco and marin food banks and why is it so important to help out in this cause? >> i want to emphasize one in four people, one in four, are at risk of hunger in san francisco and marin. donations make a world of difference. >> even in an area like ours there are people that are hungry and need help. >> it's surprising if r.and people think this is a wealthy area and people don't need help. the people we see in lines every day certainly tell a different story. >> they do. thank you. you're doing great work here. we've raised 10,000s skpdz we need more. help us. seven ways to gismt i'll be back with more a little bit
jose. oakland road, you'll notice there, allen rock head out towards the each bay aroun$&x/m union city. we're seeing rainfall. and as we pull out here, there are spotty sprinkles, showers, out towards san francisco up towards north bay we go. there is our radar beam. i'll let you know if our own radar will be tracking more rain over the wheekd i come back. ama? larry? >> thank you. we do have continuing coverage of the school tragedy. these are live pictures from newtown, connecticut. now, people are inside of the church gathering for a vigil to remember the victims. >> also, investigators looking into a massive fire destroying a fremont plant what. workers are being told sewed. >> michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them here live a little bit later, you can contact michael on and on twitter. m finney. >> at 4:13, taking a look at friday afternoon commute. s directions. at the skyway in downtown san francisco, leftx,wjm to right heading towards bay bridge, and also, very, very slow heading southbound if you're heading towards th
have yet been filed against the owner. >> the police officer union says the department riched a dipping point.7)÷ >> saying the city is losing more experienced officers than it will be able to recruit and retain. happening now a half dozen police officers walked away from the department just this week. there are 44 new recruits but since september, 36 officers resigned or retired from the department. the union says if you add in officer who's have given notice and will be gone by the end of the month, the city is now losing officers at a faster pace than it will be ever to replai.s poa says experienced cops are leaving in record numbers and this in the case of pay cuts and better opportunities in other cities. >> we call it voting with your feet. they're walking out. we can't strike or do job actions. so the only way to send a leave. >> the mayor says the city has fewer officers than 10 years ago. the budget increased and the city needs to rain in those costs. san jose voters support read form measures. the union says it did not anticipate the experiodus it's aggressive fiscal reform.
today state governor signed a right to work legislation dealing a blow to organized labor unions signing a bill just hours after legislature passed measures as a chance of thousands of angry protestors filled the capitol. tj#m÷çr9hdas more. >> michigan republican controlled state legislature approved two controversial right to work bills today. protestors crowded state capitol. >> benefits will go down. it's going tojuÑww hurt small business and local business. it's just going to hurt michigan. >> issue is right to work allowing people to opt out of joining the union. the governor flip flopped saying it's labor and democrat to pass prop 2 in november. trying to put collective bargaining rights into the constitution. >> made the point to them to sfai you go forward with this, you're going to create an environment involving labor issues. and that is what happened. >> democrats in congress met with the governor, asking him to delay the issue. >> he has respongsibility as our leader of avoiding this cliff. it's not good enough we told him, for him to say he'd like to get this behind us. >
up union square. celebration is in full swing. toys are being electricity. so far they have collected 2200 toys but they are falling way short of 15,000. firefighters is asking people to come help children a toy of christmas. >> i think it's good. >> i he is getting early christmas toys. gifts like this skateboard are well-received. >> it's good really fun we get free toys every year for christmas. sometimes you get like free food, too. >> i think it is great because some kids don't have this opportunity. >> reporter: that stuff is donated toys that have been delivered to lefty o'doul's by the san francisco firefighters. kickoff was ahended by mayor ed lee and other department heads. donations have been stacked in the back of the restaurant, sord and put into barrels for delivery. this may appear to be a massive amount of toys, the need outweighs the donation so far. >> to find out there is more and more kids are going without toys this year. this year, we're going deliver 43,000 --43,000 kids with 200,000 toys. >> luxor cabs is also helping them and delivering them here at no charge.
teachers be armed to prevent a shooting? some say yes, but the head of the teacher union says a resounding no. dennis kill kely says schools [p($:d to be a sanctuary from guns and violence. >> classroomc&ld be a safe place. introducing guns into a school introducing guns into a classroom, violates that very idea. >> the 6,000 member teacher union will weigh in tomorrow, united educators will vote on a resolution supporting or attorneying down legislation calling for stricter control autos in response to the tragedy a sporting goods chain says it plans to pull certain types of rifles from shelves nationwide. dick's sporting goods says its making this move out of respect for victim families. investigators are looking into whether the suspect tried to purchase a gun from a dick's store. the closest to the bay area is located in modesto. >> police say they will pursue charges against a man for making criminal threats about the shooting. officers arrested him. police say on&0+ábou friday hed comments supporting the shooter saying he thought about plotting a similar attack. he's posted an apol
, you can see here redwood road. towards east bay, out towards east bay, union city, niles boulevard, 84 there. calaveras road, light to moderate?gatç rain. towards half moon bay, highway 1, light rainfall now. so it's not over by any stretch of the imagination. sierra nevada chain controls and it is snowing in parts of the sierra, nrts 50s and highlights, we'll get to highlights in just a moment. wind gusts at 38 at sfo. 35 in half moon bay. so windy, wet tonight. heavy rain for morning with thunderstorms possibilities and rain again, sunday. hang on to rain gear, i'm going to show you timing of the system. it's stalled0fur out over the by area. this is why we're continuing to see wet, windy conditions developing. we do have waves of rain coming in for the weekend. thunderstorm possibility goesing into saturday morning. there is a computer animation, periods of rain for this evening. starts to pick up. heading into 3:00 a.m. we may see a chance chance of thund yes, 6:00 a.m. another front, heavy rain with possibility of thunderstorms. behind the front, scattered showers, so yes, you ca
union but adoptions to the u.s. have become a political football in russia. officials point to cases of 19 children died after being adopted by americans. the issue caught fire in 2010 when this boy was put back on a plane alone to russia by his adoptive mother in tennessee. a poll here found the majority of russians support the ban but this sparked outrage many who say this is playing politics for children. >> you hope it's not a door shut but just, that this is an obstacle, a delay. and we do not know. >> and we're just getting word from the ap retired u.s. general norman swartzcpf died. a much decorated combat soldier in vietnam, he was known sometimes as stormin norman. he was 78 years old. >> family and friends continue to visit former president george hw bush in an intensive care unit of a houston hospital. he's the oldest living former president, optized at methodist hospital last month with a chronic cough and just transfered to icu because of a persistent high fever. doctors treating this disease but have not found what is caution it. the elder bush is 88 years old, sufferin
pressure by privacy advocates including american civil liberties union. >> richmond city officials said to meet to consider permits for repairing the damaged portion of the chevron refinery. the pipeline ruptured in august, causing an explosion, huge fire. the chronicle reports chevron says it will have to layoff 600 workers by thursday. the company wants to replace destroyed pipe with a metal alloy. critics pressuring chevron to use stainless steel. corrosion is considered the likely cause of the explosion. >> customers of three credit card companies can expect extra cash incoming days or weeks. american express, discover and capitol one owe $435 million to six million customers part of a crack down on deceptive credit card practices. >> there is you know, shaking down bad banks and this card, get some money that, kind of thing. now, they're paying back. the man caught them, some people could see as much as $300 credited to their statements. >> customers not required to take any action. current card holders will receive a credit on their j% receive checks in the mail or have outstandin
. clerical union says the únf$wguz is jobs being shipped overseas. the port says it's offering 600 clerksz lifetime job security. >> former command yefr a task force is pleading guilty. the attorney tells axe bc 7 news the client will admit to five counts tomorrow in oakland, welsh is accused of stealing drugs from evidence lockers trying to sell drugs on the streets. he was caught in a sting operation in february, last year with guilty plea, he faces a minimum of 10 years in prison. >> santa clara county board president wril have to immediately pay back nearly $13,000 after using his taxpayer funded credit cards for personal expenses. our media partner has obtained a scathing internal audit revealing supervisor wrapped up $36,000 in questionable charges in taking office in 2009. they include car rentals, and stays at casino hotel autos still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 net flix signs a deal with disney. >> arnold schwartzeneggar taking three? he fought global warming. >> later let speculation begin. >>> positive news now on the housing front. home prices posted their biggest jump in more
in the east bay. 62 in oakland and union city and inland east bay. sim already range. low 60s. nearçç5m monterey bay, see the clouds lingering longer there. still a partly sunny day. here is the accu-weather forecast. nice day for the raiders game tomorrow against broncos. thursday night football here on abc 7. notice we start to warm up over the weekend. mid-60s not only inland but on the coast by sunday. carrying into next week. >> nice. >> lovely forecast. >> nice period to dry out. >> coming up, jay-z may be a world famous multi millionaire but he's sharing a humbling experience. his story is ahead. >> who is the most overpaid movie star in hollywood? in los angeles, find out who tops the list, which heart throb is taking a break from acting next. >> taking a look at traffic bridge, things moving smoothly, a big recovery from horrible traffic accident there earlier today. stay with us. abc 7 news >> you think everybody knows jay-z, right is in the famous rapper rode new york subway to a concert met a woman admitted she had no idea who he was. check out this documentary video jay-z p
for apple, four publishers have settled anti-trust investigations in europe and the european union over ebook price fixing. aple and the publishers will drop the pricing agreements, aimed to undercut amazon, to restore normal, competitive conditions to the ebook market. apple and mcmillan and penguin are facing a similar probe in the u.s. testing the new blackberry 10 phones. u.s. immigrations and customs will start to test the devices next year. it's interesting because they said they would buy iphones earlier. now they say they will use both devices. turning to trading, stocks lowers with the fiscal cliff impasse overshadowing retail agains in sales. apple and oracle leading the decline. today, san francisco start up uber seems to be a threat to new york city cab drivers, approving a one-year pilot program to allow people to hail cabs with their mobile phones, which is exactly what uber does for car services. the program will start in early february. in san francisco, i'm corey johnson with bloomberg west. back to you. >> all right. thank you. up next, it is a love motel for your pet.
this weekend has been avoided. the long shoreman union agreed to extend the contract 30 days while negotiations continue on a collective bargaining agreement. the current contract was set to expire sunday morning. a strike could wo havei]+&÷ affected 40% of u.s. ports on the west coast are not involved in this. >> human rights activists denouncing vladimir putin's signing of a law banning americans from adopting russian children saying orphans have become small change in a political game. the latest on this emotional story for hundreds of you us parents. official friday morning signing a fwoil prevent american families from adopting russian observe yanz. it's breaking the hearts of american couples in the process of becoming parents. many children have special needs. brit and jamie were trying to adopt a russian baby with down syndrome. the law stopped him from leaving russia. >> it's unbelievable that that is where you're at this, little boy we consider one of our children, already. >> the law is in retaliation for a law calling for sanctions against russian official who's violated human righ
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13